Relighting Relighting Recommendations

* Beeswax is a very dense, natural product and produces a higher burn temperature. By dipping the wick in the melted wax, it will “refuel” the cotton wick for easier relighting and will reduce the smoke.
* So for the best results, push the wick over into the liquid wax with a tooth pick, as you extinguish the flame. Be sure to return the wick to its upright position for relighting ease.
* Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4”. This will use less fuel (wax) and insure a longer burn time.

Taking Care of Your Beeswax Candles

* 100% natural beeswax requires a little more care then other wax candles. It will eventually get a powdery appearance on the surface. This is mother natures ‘protective coating’ called BLOOM. The best way to remove bloom is to rub it off with your hands, this will make your candle shiny again. The warmth of your hands will wipe it right off. Bloom is also very good for your skin.

* If your beeswax candle should get bumped while it is lit and hot wax flows over; put the wick out using the method above, let it completely cool and the flow over spot will heal itself. If it is a large hole you can take some wax as its cooling and patch the area.

* After it is completely cooled you can relight as usual.

* Spilled Beeswax will peel right off hard surfaces and will iron off fabric or carpet by using brown paper bag. Beeswax will NOT leave residue or stain behind.